Skeleton Crew Theater shows are almost always located outdoors, on an unpaved path through moderately dense wooded areas. Our show always runs in October, and begin at sunset. We ask that you come prepared: wear warm clothes, and closed-toed shoes. Please see our accessibility page for more info. 


SCT shows are welcome all ages, but are recommended for those of strong heart. More Nightmare Before Christmas than Nightmare on Elm Street, we offer a spooky show, but NO  jump scares.


SCT show schedules are affected by the weather, so please visit our Facebook page for up-to-date info on show cancellations or delays due to safety concerns.


SCT shows are always in different locations, and we ask that you respect ALL venues we are lucky enough to utilize, as well as SCT's hand-crafted sets, props, and animatronics. Please help us leave our show spaces clean and our sets maintained by staying on the tea-lit path, following directions when called upon for a task,  and using proper trash receptacles.


SCT shows are filled with photogenic creatures, but they are terrified of flashing. We invite you to take photos and videos but we ask for no flash photography during the show. 


Share your photos on our Facebook page.


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